Ministering H.O.P.E. to Children Seminar (Northam, Saturday 24 June 2023)

At the last Passing the Baton, David Goodwin gave a stirring message about how Aussie children are mentally and emotionally suffering today. Even in our churches, there are children suffering from anxiety due to worry about what is happening in the world today.

David is coming back to WA to take a 4-hour seminar where you will be shown how to help children understand what Christian H.O.P.E. – which is way more than simply wishing things could be better. It is a confident expectation that things will be okay.

In the seminar you will learn how to help children come face to face with the love and comfort of Jesus and build into their lives resilience and positive ways of handling grief. They will come to know that God is faithful and will fulfil every promise he has made and will place eternal HOPE in their hearts for their present and future.

Brochure (on CMN website)

The WA seminar is at Northam on Saturday 24 June 2023.
Hosted by Bridgely Church of Christ 93 Wellington Street Northam WA 6401, 9am to 1pm
For full details and to register online please go to:

And if you can’t come yourself, try and get some of your key leaders to attend.