Passing the Baton Training Day & Expo 

10th February 2018

Brochures have been sent out – if you missed getting some – download it from the website above! 

Electives, keynote speaker, resources on sale = post free!

We recommend the Children’s Ministry Network: Go to

The CMN website is the best place to make your first search and inquiries – 

about locally and nationally available children’s ministry speakers, resources, services, events, and programs. 

Please feel free to directly contact participating organisations listed in the Children’s Ministry Network. 



Australia Day is coming soon ~ with lots of opinions about the past and present!

Our 2016 Awards Night prayer service PowerPoint Presentation covers a vast variety of explorer’s connections and settlement heritages! These brief but many mentions might help you prepare for celebrations on the day yourself. Also for student questions and particularly as soon after school resumes – as Harmony Day is a popular school program to help the veritable united nations of children represented in most schools. This background should assist everyone to see Australia’s Christian Heritage as a solid and valued foundation for our society. It will help everyone participate well with one another as we all hope they will do so for the rest of their lives! Click link to go to Presentation: AARE Awards Night Prayer Service 2016 Click link to go to the script to know what each slide was all about.


The Commissioner for Children & Young People WA – meets with school representatives.

The Commissioner distributed an Information Pack – contact his office to receive a copy.

Here are some pictures of the event with the Commissioner.