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AARE partners with many organisations, government departments and other religious groups to provide you with the support network you may need to carry out your ministry to children and young people, the school faculty and your local community, as well as research sources for your academic disciplines.

See below a list of links for your perusal and access according to your particular needs:

Australia   IN AUSTRALIA

Children’s Ministry Network

Children’s Ministry Network

DIDUNO (“Did You Know”) Network

Our History, Heritage and Culture

Commissioner for Children and Young People WA

Committed to the safety of children and young people

NSW Advocate for Children and Young People

Opportunities for children and young people in NSW

NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian

ACT Children and Young People’s Commissioner

SA Guardian for Children and Young People

TAS Commissioner for Children and Young People

VIC Commission for Children and Young People

NT Children’s Commissioner

QLD Family and Child Commission

National Children’s Commissioner


Scripture Union, Australia                                                        

Scripture Union (WA)                                                               


Dialogue Australasia Network                                                  




Missions Australia                                                                      


Anglican Schools Commission                                                  


Catholic Education Office



Religious Education Association                                              


European Forum for Teachers of Religious Education       


International Network of Children’s Ministry                       


International Children’s Commissioners