AARE WA is partnering with the ‘Gather Together’ prayer initiative


September was the 2018 month of prayer focus on Education


AARE WA President Chris Callus and

other school contacts attended this collegial event.

Participants may use this event for their Professional Development.



A new plan from the AARE WA President : 

Gather Education was a wonderful initiative of Perth Together … to “gather” Christian educators in solidarity to pray for education in WA.

The next AARE Executive Committee meeting will plan in 2019 another month for prayer focus on Education.

There were two parts:

  • praying as individuals, teams or schools (any time and day you, your team and school chooses)
  • gathering at an event in fellowship in 2019 in solidarity to “bring Christ to Perth”.



A brief message from the AARE WA Vice – President : 

 No AARE awards night is being held this year – so as to encourage participation in the Gather Together initiative above.

This year our AARE WA President Chris Callus has just been nominated for a ‘Professional Teachers Council of WA’ award.  

We await news of the approval of his nomination by the AARE WA Executive Committee.