The Australian Association for Religious Education is a non-denominational organisation focused on assisting teachers to provide quality religious education. Whether you are a religious coordinator, RE teacher or chaplain we are here to aid in your professional development. Through our state affiliates in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia we provide networking events, educational seminars and conferences focusing on professional development for religious educators.


John Anderson, our Christian Heritage & Christian schools have vital roles to play:

Watch the Vimeo linked here: https://vimeo.com/271606646

Where would society be without these foundational endeavours we value so much!



Churches, organisations and Christian political parties are waiting for the release of the Religious Freedoms Review now finished.


Chris Callus the WA President & National President of the Australian Association for Religious Education: See the original information from Chris.

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Also an ARTICLE by Barney Zwartz – Senior Fellow, Centre for Public Christianity. Presented recently at the Athenaeum Club, 7.15am, Thursday February 15, 2018 

Submissions = 16,500 sent in.

Our Objectives are



  • To promote co-operation and understanding among educators in schools and universities working in the field of spirituality, ethics, philosophy, values and religious education.
  • To promote the teaching of religious studies and foster the development of religious education in schools and universities and thus promote the educational goals of these institutions.
  • To promote curriculum planning and research in schools and universities into the study of the teaching of religion.
  • To foster conferences, seminars, publications and other activities which will improve in schools and universities the quality of teaching and research in the field of religious education.
  • To assist the work of chaplaincy and pastoral care in schools and other educational institutions.
  • The Association serves as the professional voice to various State and National educational authorities on relevant matters.

South East Australia


Western Australia